Sambhashana Sandesha (सम्भाषणसन्देश:)

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Sambhashana Sandesha (सम्भाषणसन्देश:) is a magazine published by Samskrita Bharati from Aksharam, our international center in Bangalore, India. The monthly magazine comes to you with news, current affairs, articles, Samskritam news and events from across the world, stories for children and grown-ups, cartoons, crossword, vocabulary builders, and so on. Written in conversational-style prose, many articles are easily accessible to even beginners in Samskritam. For our more scholarly readers, we bring you articles on a wide range of topics including science, philosophy, biographical sketches, discussions in grammar and so on.


Kalidasa remarks भिन्नरुचिर्हि लोकः (Raghuvamsha 6.30) which can be roughly translated as "Indeed, people have different tastes!" Similarly, reading tastes differ. A work of prose or poetry may not be to everyone's liking. Magazines, however, occupy a sweet spot in the list of reading genres because they offer a literary diversity that can appeal to many.


We recommend Sambhashana Sandesha to every lover of Samskritam. get your copy today or gift one to your friend!


Subscription TermSubscription Price
One Year Sandesha Subscription $35
Two Years Sandesha Subscription $65
Three Years Sandesha Subscription $90

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