In 2007, a separate residential camp called Shraddhaa was started to cater exclusively to youth students (teenagers) in the east coast. The following year, Prajnaa began as its counterpart in the west coast. In Shraddhaa and Prajnaa, students spend about a week immersed in Samskritam under the guidance of teachers from both India and the US. A noteworthy feature of these camps is that the teacher to student ratio is quite high! Teachers volunteer enthusiastically seeing the shraddhaa (dedicated commitment) of young students.

We are especially proud of Shraddhaa and Prajnaa because these camps are conducted not just by adults, but also by youth who grew up in the US and have made Samskritam a part of their lives in a significant way.

Shraddhaa in the east coast, Prajnaa in the west coast, and Medhaa in India have become annual residential camps exclusively for the youth.

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