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Title: SAMS303: Experience Samskritam IV
Placement: Summer after SAMS302
Pre-Requisites: Minimum 75% in SAMS301 & SAMS302 Combined
Course Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Overview:

SAMS303 is a fifteen-day intensive residential Samskritam (aka Sanskrit) course taking place in India. This is an optional, honors-level course where students practice speaking Samskritam fluently and correctly in a completely Samskritam speaking environment. Students also learn techniques for teaching Samskritam to new students. This course allows students to interact with other students learning Samskritam in India and gain an understanding of the history of the Samskritam language in India.


Course Objectives:

  1. Converse fluently in Samskritam
  2. Learn portions from Samskritam literary works.
  3. Learn to teach and practice teaching Samskritam to beginner students
  4. Interact with students in India learning Samskritam
  5. Become knowledgeable about the history of the Samskritam language and its use in India.


Grading Plan:

SAMS303 is a pass/fail course. Students will receive credit for the course once they have successfully completed the entire fifteen-day residential camp.



SAMS303 is offered during the summer each year in India. Please see the course website for more details.

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