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Title: SAMS103: Experience Samskritam II
Placement: Summer after SAMS102
Pre-Requisites: SAMS102


Course Overview:

 SAMS103 is a six-day residential Samskritam course designed to give students a Samskritam (aka Sanskrit) language immersion experience. The course will focus on developing the student’s conversational skills in a primarily Samskritam speaking environment. Students will also gain an appreciation of Indian culture and the different applications of Samskritam by living in an environment similar to the ancient “Gurukulam” system of India.


Course Objectives:

  1. Practice using simple conversational Samskritam
  2. Write and enact skits in Samskritam
  3. Experience living in an environment similar to the ancient “Gurukulam” system of India
  4. Gain a basic understanding of the different applications of Samskritam in Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian dance and music, science and math.


Grading Plan:

SAMS103 is a pass/fail course. Students will receive credit for the course once they have successfully completed the entire six-day residential camp. Students who do not show up for the course, or fail to attend the entire six-day residential camp will fail the course. Students must pass SAMS103 before taking SAMS201.



SAMS103 is offered during the summer each year in the Northeast and near San Jose, California. Please see the SAFL course calendar for more information.


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