2007: Shraddhaa-2007 was the first residential youth camp. More than 20 teenagers participated in the camp. Whatever apprehensions they may have had about Samskritam melted away by the end of the first day and they were eager to learn! And come back the following year! Most often heard complaint? Four days at the camp is too short!

2008: Shraddhaa-2008 was extended to be a six-day camp in response to the overwhelming demand during the previous year’s camp.

2008: Prajnaa-2008 was the first residential youth camp conducted in the west coast. About 15 teenagers participated in it.

2009: Shraddhaa-2009 saw an increase in attendance with 25 teenagers at the camp at AVG. Several new youth instructors also made their debut as teachers or teaching assistants!

2009: Prajnaa-2009, the second annual residential youth camp in the west coast saw the participation of 15 teenagers.

2010: Prajnaa-2010 was conducted during the week of June 20-26 in California.

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