Samskritam learning begins as a weekend workshop in which introductory concepts are taught in a conversational, highly interactive manner.

Following the workshop kick-off, students meet in weekly classes (called bhAShAvarga) to learn and practice Samskritam. The 90 minute weekly classes are conducted for 12-14 weeks.


  • No prior knowledge of Samskritam is required
  • Knowledge of any Indian language is helpful


  • Ability to speak in Samskritam
  • Vocabulary-building for every day conversation
  • Ability to form sentences with multiple clauses
  • Ability to tell simple stories in Samskritam

Required Texts

  • Abhyaasapustakam [Provide link to this book in bookstore]

Optional Reference books

  • AbhyaasadarshinI [Provide link to this book in bookstore]

If  you are unfamiliar with Devanagari, we suggest a set of these four books learn the script:

  • latikA set of books. [Provide link to this book in bookstore]

(In general, Devanagari will not be taught in class. But instructors will guide your writing practice).

There are several websites which are excellent resources to learn the script as well, e.g., (not affiliated with Samskrita Bharati).

Ongoing classes

Please visit the classes page to see a list of ongoing classes.

If you do not see your region listed, and would like to start a study group, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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