Enrollment packet

The SAFL program enrollment packet contains information about the SAFL program for students, parents and high school administrators. We encourage students who are petitioning to receive credit for taking SAFL in their high school to request an enrollment packet and present the material to their high school principal, or guidance counselor.


Each enrollment packet contains:

  • An eight paged brochure detailing safl program
  • A copy of the three year course syllabus

2017-2018 Registration fees and deadlines information

2017-2018 Registration requirements information

2017-2018 course calendar


Download enrollment packet


Brochure, Syllabus and FAQ

Download SAFL brochure     Download Course Syllabus     Download FAQ


Sample class recording

Download sample class recording



Interested in spreading the word about SAFL? Have an upcoming event where you’d like to give out information about SAFL?

Download SAFL Flyer1     Download SAFL Flyer2



Interested in viewing a presentation on SAFL?

Download SAFL presentation

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